Police blacked out a black woman in Chicago

Chicago, Ta. December 25, 2020, Friday

In Chicago, a black woman was terrorized when police pulled her hair out of a car and forced her out. Increased apartheid has once again created an atmosphere of tension in America.

Police in Chicago have arrested 25-year-old Mia Rider on charges of robbery. He pulled his hair out of the car and the glass of his car was broken by the police. The family alleges that the girl, who looks into the glass eye, cannot see with one eye. Police defended the case after receiving the robbery report, after which action was taken. The police pulled him out of the car and stabbed him.

Photos and videos of the incident went viral. Chicago’s top police officers noted the seriousness of the incident and a charge was filed against the responsible police officer.

Earlier in the day, a black man George Floyd was strangled to death in Minneapolis. After this, violence erupted all over America. The incident renewed George Floyd’s case among black citizens. After this incident, there was a trend in favor of black citizens on social media in many states of America.

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