Police arrest a drug dealer in Santa Claus getup in Peru

Lima, Ta. 13
Police knocked on the door of a drug dealer under the guise of Santa Claus. The drug dealer had not even imagined that there would be police in Santa Claus costumes as the Christmas festival was approaching.
In Lima, Peru, police conducted an experiment and arrested a drug dealer disguised as Santa Claus. A drug dealer escaped in Lima, admiring the police. The police tried a new technique to catch him fast.
Under the guise of Santa Claus and his assistant, the police knocked on the door of the drug dealer’s house. The drug dealer thought that someone was coming to give gifts under the guise of Santa Claus as Christmas was approaching.
But soon after arriving home, police searched the corner and arrested the drug dealer with a quantity of heroin-cocaine and marijuana. The operation was part of an anti-drugs operation.
A police officer in Lima said the criminals could avoid disguising themselves as police, stating that the police had managed to catch several criminals in various cases over the past few days, which was successful.
Police seized thousands of packets and large bags filled with cocaine-heroin. Peru Police have busted a drug racket worth millions of rupees under the guise of Santa Claus.

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