Please talk! Just a kiss made a person dumb for life

New Delhi date 23 February 2021 Tuesday

Fighting – You may have heard of many bizarre incidents of fighting, but have you ever heard of a kiss that makes a man dumb for life? If a new product is not just for you here! Where at first there was a quarrel between two strangers and the latter kissed the two, who had left a person dumb for life.

You may be surprised but this is absolutely true. After this incident you will realize how heavy it can be to fight with a stranger on the street. James McKenzie, who hit the road in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, had a dispute with 27-year-old Bethany Ryan. The two did not know each other.

During the fight, Bethany suddenly approached James and started kissing him. During the kiss he took James’s tongue in his mouth and bit it with his teeth. James’s tongue escapes, which Bethany spits. The piece was suddenly blown off by a bird in its beak.

James was then taken to the hospital, but surgery was not possible due to the lack of a tongue slit. Which left him speechless forever. As soon as he was released from the hospital, James filed a police complaint against Bethany. The case is now being heard in court.

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