Petrol is available in Pakistan at half the price of India, while it costs Rs 1.46 per liter in Venezuela.

The date of New Delhi is Sunday on 24 January 2021

Petrol and diesel prices in India have skyrocketed. In Rajasthan, the price of petrol has come close to Rs 100. Even in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, petrol and diesel prices are at an all-time high. If we talk about India’s neighbors, Pakistan is getting petrol at half the price of India. Even in poor countries like Bhutan and Nepal, petrol and diesel cost much less than in India.

The cheapest petrol in the world is found inside Venezuela. A liter of petrol in Venezuela costs Rs 1.46 in Indian rupees. So the most expensive petrol in the world is found inside Hong Kong. The price of petrol in Hong Kong is Rs 172.66 per liter.

On 18 January, a website called cited prices of petrol and diesel in different parts of the world.

Petrol (Rupee / Liter) Diesel (Rupee / Liter) India 87.8779.29 Pakistan 49.8751.57 Bhutan 49.5646.31 Sri Lanka 61.3739.64 Nepal 68.8458.2 China 74.1464.59 Bangladesh 77.0156.25 Hong Kong 172.66145.38. State taxes are levied separately and separately by the central government. VAT is levied with excise duty and the government earns. Rajasthan government levies the highest tax in the country. Where VAT on petrol is 38 per cent and diesel is 28 per cent.

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