Parents apologize to neighbors for crying baby, viral on social media

New Delhi date 21 December 2020, Monday

Newborn babies usually cry more. We all know this. A parent in America has written a letter to their neighbors that a child is crying a lot. Which has gone viral on social media. People are praising these parents after reading this letter. The parents have apologized for the inconvenience caused to the neighbors by the crying of the child. The letter said that the neighbors are tired of hearing the cry of the child, for which we apologize.

The couple’s names are Matthew and Kali. He wrote in the letter, “Thank you for sleeping many nights and enduring all this for four months.” To get rid of this problem, we are now raising the child with the Row It Out method. In which the child has to eat himself when he has to sleep.

Matthew and Kelly further write that they apologize for any inconvenience. Now this problem will not last long. The couple even wrote that if this problem is not resolved, they will take a break from work. Along with the letter, the couple also invited their neighbors to a party. The letter is going viral on social media.

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