Paints & Coatings Fillers Market to reach US$ 4.3 Bn by 2027

Rise in Infrastructure Development Projects Globally to Accelerate Demand

The global paints & coatings fillers market is witnessing a steady growth, owing to a significant surge in demand for a range of applications in industrial, automotive, and architectural sectors. Moreover, growing awareness among consumers and end-users is expected to positively influence the demand for sustainable products that contain low toxic profiles and environmental footprint. In various countries across developed regions, such as North America and Europe, the demand for paints and coatings fillers produced using eco-friendly materials is growing. Furthermore, government initiatives to curb environmental degradation and air pollution in these countries is expected to propel the demand for paints and coatings fillers during the forecast period (2019-2027). In terms of volume, the paints & coating fillers market is expected to reach ~25,465-kilo tons by the end of 2027.

Significant rise in the infrastructure development projects, especially in Asia Pacific, growth of the industrial sector worldwide, and ascending demand for automobiles are some of the leading factors that are likely to propel the growth of the paints & coatings fillers market during the forecast period.

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Production of Superior Paints and Coating Fillers for Architectural Applications to Fuel Market

At present, more than 10% of powder coatings make use of metallic pigments and as per current trends, the demand is for architectural coatings is projected to grow at a consistent pace in the coming years. Key participants operating in the current paints & coatings fillers market landscape are continually engaged in the development of new products with improved functional and chemical properties. For several decades, players in the paints & coatings fillers market are focusing on the development of metallic powder coatings that are suitable for architectural applications. For instance, in May 2018, AGC announced that architectural coatings with superior quality can be produced by blending highly-durable polyester resins with FEVE resins.

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The architectural coatings application segment is expected to hold the highest share of the paints & coatings fillers market during the forecast period, as a result of growing focus on research and development activities. The segment is expected to reach a value of ~US$ 1.9 Bn by 2027. The demand for architectural coatings is estimated to surpass ~7,658-kilo tons in 2019.

Calcium Carbonate the Most Preferred Material Due to its Low Toxicity

In the current scenario, owing to the mounting concerns over environmental safety, the adoption of raw materials with significantly low toxicity and VOC residual levels is on the rise.


Calcium carbonate is expected to be the most favored material among end users, owing to its range of benefits and applications. It is increasingly being used as paints and coatings filler for high gloss coating products. Moreover, calcium carbonate plays a critical role in increasing the overall volume and thickness of paints, and also improves the durability and wear resistance of coatings. Due to these favorable properties of calcium carbonate, its applications, especially in the architectural sector, is expected to witness a significant growth during the forecast period. Although calcium carbonate is poised to dominate the paints & coatings fillers market, the demand for paints and coating fillers made from other materials such as kaolin, mica, barium sulfate, etc., is expected to grow at a steady pace.

In terms of material, the calcium carbonate segment is leading the paints & coatings fillers market. The calcium carbonate material segment is estimated to reach a value of ~US$ 1.8 Bn in 2019 and accounts for a market share of ~62%.

Stakeholders in the paints & coatings fillers market are entering into strategic partnerships to improve the distribution of their products. For instance, in November 2019, Omya and Kronos entered an agreement to improve the distribution of titanium dioxide pigments in Switzerland. Anticipating the growing demand for calcium carbonate, several participants in the paints & coatings fillers market are focusing on improving the production capacity of calcium carbonate in their manufacturing units. Furthermore, Asia Pacific is likely to attract significant investments in the coming years, owing to the booming industrial and architectural sectors in India, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, among others.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

The paints & coatings fillers market is expected to expand at a CAGR of ~5% during the forecast period. The growth of the market can be attributed to the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products derived from raw materials, including calcium carbonate, kaolin, and mica. The ascending demand from the architectural segment is expected to fuel the growth of the market for paints & coatings fillers in the near future. Players operating in the current market landscape should focus on expanding their footprint by entering into strategic partnerships and collaborating with regional companies, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.  

Paints & Coatings Fillers Market: Overview

  • Paints & coatings fillers increase the final volume of paints and coatings. These fillers improve mechanical, chemical, and physical properties of paints and coatings. Paints & coatings fillers provide coatings with good fluidity, opacity, brightness, and reflectance. They also increase the thickness of coating films.
  • Calcium carbonate is widely used as a filler in the paints & coatings industry. Demand for precipitated as well as ground calcium carbonate has been rising continuously in the paints & coatings industry since the past few years. Therefore, the calcium carbonate industry is anticipated to expand at a steady pace during the forecast period. Expansion of production capacity by some of the major players in the calcium carbonate market indicates the growth of the paints & coatings fillers market, especially in countries such as China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia.

 Key Growth Drivers of Paints & Coatings Fillers Market

  • Paints and coatings consist of resins, additives, solvents, pigments, and fillers. They are used for decoration and protection purposes. Paints and coatings include architectural coatings, OEM coatings, and special purpose coatings.
  • Architectural coatings are primarily used in residential, institutional, and commercial buildings. They include interior and exterior paints. Architectural coatings is a major segment of the paints & coatings market. Growth of the paints & coatings market is driven by the rise in new constructions, particularly in emerging markets. Thus, increase in usage of architectural coatings across the globe is expected to boost the market for paints & coatings fillers.

 Major Challenges for Paints & Coatings Fillers Market

  • Certain limitations do not allow the use of fillers in all paint and coating applications. In glossy coatings, decrease in gloss is observed when traditional extender grades are used. Among various minerals available, ground calcium carbonate (GCC) is the most important extender for usage in paint and coating applications. However, there are certain regulations associated with the mining of these fillers. This is estimated to hamper the paints & coatings fillers market during the forecast period.

 Lucrative Opportunities for Paints & Coatings Fillers Market

  • Consumers in developed and developing countries have different mobility needs. Constant urbanization is expected to lead consumers toward car ownership in the near future. Increase in car ownership is anticipated to boost the demand for automotive refinish coatings. This, in turn, is likely to augment the paints & coatings fillers market.
  • China is the leading producer of automobiles in the world. Production of cars is increasing at a rapid pace in India. This is projected to fuel the automotive coatings market in these countries, thereby boosting the paints & coatings fillers market, as paints and fillers are used in the manufacturing of automotive coatings.

 Asia Pacific to Dominate Paints & Coatings Fillers Market

  • In terms of value and volume, Asia Pacific was the leading market for paints & coatings fillers in 2018. The region is estimated to maintain its dominance during the forecast period. Asia Pacific is also a prominent producer of paints & coatings, owing to the presence of a large number of producers in China. Improvement in economic conditions and increase in consumption of paints and coatings in Asia Pacific are fueling the paints & coatings fillers market in the region.

High Usage of Calcium Carbonate in Applications of Paints and Coatings

  • In terms of material, the calcium carbonate segment held a major share of the paints & coatings fillers market in 2018. Its share is anticipated to increase by 0.4% by 2027. The segment is likely to expand at a CAGR of ~5% during the forecast period. Calcium carbonate is used in several applications of paints and coatings as an extender, agent to either reduce or enhance gloss, extender/spacer for titanium dioxide, and rheology modifier.
  • The kaolin segment accounted for ~20% share of the paints & coatings fillers market in 2018. Kaolin is not an absolute replacement for titanium dioxide. It is an excellent and economical extender, which helps lower manufacturing costs in several architectural paints and coatings. 

Key Strategies Adopted by Market Players The global paints & coatings fillers market is fragmented. The top three players –

  • Imerys
  • Omya AG
  • Mineral Technologies, Inc.
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