Pact to get rid of the nuclear world without the consent of nuclear nations!

(PTI) United Nations, Dt

The United Nations implemented the Treaty on Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Act (TPNW) from today. However, the implementation of this treaty is similar to that of Aranya Rudan. Because the nine countries that have nuclear weapons do not agree to a treaty. The United Nations began a debate on the treaty in 2015 to rid the world of nuclear weapons. At that time 15 countries of the world had agreed. But as of the implementation date, only 21 countries have signed on.

So even though this treaty came into force, its effectiveness is nothing. Like most UN treaties, it is a document. Other countries, including Japan, which has been hit by nuclear attack, have not agreed to this treaty. For half a century, various treaties have been used to prevent nuclear disarmament, but with little success. So much so that countries like the US-Russia have shown readiness to destroy many of their genuine nuclear weapons, because the cost of maintaining them is too high.

Currently, nine countries have nuclear weapons: the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and India. These countries have not made treaties, but have guaranteed that our weapons are only for self-defense, we do not want to attack anyone. Scholars working on nuclear disarmament believe that more countries will agree to the treaty in the near future.


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