Outbreaks are more visible during this time, causing a new strain of the corona virus to spread to other countries

New Delhi, 21 December 2020 Monday

New Corona virus outbreaks have occurred in Britain with more than a dozen countries including India, but air services have been banned with the UK, but so far the new Corona virus has spread to at least five countries, although many have Concern has expressed that a new strain of their corona virus may already occur.

According to a report, the new corona virus has been confirmed in Britain as well as in Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and Italy. A passenger from Britain arrived in Rome, causing the new Corona virus to be found in Italy.

France has banned travel with Britain, saying there may be a corona virus. The new corona virus originally produced by mutation has been shown to be more dangerous and infectious, and is being blamed for an increase in cases in the UK.

Experts believe the new corona virus is contagious up to 70 percent, with nine cases of the new corona virus found in Denmark in November alone and one in Australia, the Netherlands said. It has not been officially announced.

According to the information received so far, London has the highest number of new strains of the corona virus and 60 per cent of new strains have been found in southeast England, leading to strict restrictions in the UK.

The French health minister said he was “absolutely convinced” that a new strain of the corona virus had already spread to France, even though it had not been confirmed by tests. The First Minister of Northern Ireland also said that it was possible that he had found a new strain of the corona virus.

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