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FLA News Online values the opinion of others. We welcome guest op-eds, even if the opinions aren’t the same as the staff and parent company of FLA News Online.

Opinion: Is it time to privatize Florida Virtual School?

Former Governor Jeb Bush may have had it right when eight years ago he proposed to newly elected governor Rick… Read More

2 months ago

Homegrown energy production funds land and water conservation fund

President Trump recently signed into law the largest public lands bill to have been considered by Congress within the last… Read More

2 months ago

Economic Impact to Local Businesses Exists with Offshore Development

Just two weeks ago, I was in Jacksonville to attend a luncheon sponsored by the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of… Read More

3 months ago

Gas and oil in Gulf could boost Florida’s economy

I’m proud to serve as a national co-chair for Explore Offshore, a coalition uniting more than 200 groups and individuals… Read More

3 months ago

10 questions every Democrat candidate needs to answer

When I ran for President, the Democrats and the liberal media held me to account for my every utterance —… Read More

4 months ago

President Trump makes right moves on domestic energy production

In November, the Trump administration took a step in the right direction by indicating intent to permit seismic surveying in… Read More

4 months ago

Guest Editorial: Democrats openly support infanticide and the media pretend conservatives are the problem

Democrats just openly admitted that they support “aborting” children who are literally in the process of being born -- or… Read More

4 months ago

Commentary: DeSantis is making all the right moves

Here's one thing that's totally clear - Governor Ron DeSantis dominated his first week in office. Starting with a strong… Read More

5 months ago

Guest Opinion: Use facts to determine Florida’s role in domestic energy production

Facts are stubborn things, and facts should absolutely be used in discussing the merits of seismic testing on the Atlantic… Read More

5 months ago

Energy production is important and especially used during the holidays

There is no better time than winter to be thankful for our reliable, and robust, energy supply. Although we live… Read More

6 months ago

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