On one hand, the world is still vulnerable to Corona, on the other hand, Israel has declared liberation from Corona.

New delhi date 18 april 2021, sunday

On one hand, the whole world is fighting the Corona epidemic, on the other hand, Israel has become the first country to declare itself Corona free. Israel has relaxed Corso sanctions and reopened schools after its mass vaccination campaign.

All primary and secondary schools in Israel have reopened and children returned to classrooms. Health officials have also removed the rule of wearing masks in public places. However, it is mandatory to wear masks in large gatherings.

Israel has played a key role in worldwide vaccination campaigns and has vaccinated people in its country. This is why so many restrictions have been lifted in Israel. Israel announced last week that tourists would be allowed to enter the country from May with vaccines.

According to the Ministry of Health, there have been 836,000 cases of corona virus in Israel since the pandemic began last year. Corona killed 6,331 people in Israel. 56 percent of the 9.3 million people in Israel have been given two doses of the Pfizer / Nbitech vaccine.

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