Nigerian scientists warn of new strains of Kovid-19

New Delhi, 4 January 2021 Monday

Amid growing concerns worldwide about new forms of corona virus infection in Britain and South Africa, a Nigerian scientist says many more new strains of Kovid-19 will be released. Nigerian scientist Omilababu genetically analyzed samples of Kovid-19 to obtain information about various types of Kovid-19 variants in the country in view of the increasing cases of Corona virus infection to help prevent the spread of infection in the country is.

Omilababu said that the forms of the virus found in Britain and South Africa are different from those found in Nigeria. He said that it was not uncommon to change the virus to a different form. “I think we have to keep our minds quiet as more new forms of infection are coming out,” Omilababu said.

Virologist Omilababu said on Sunday that gathering information about the nature of the Kovid-19 infection spread in the country could help prevent the outbreak of the epidemic in the most populous Nigeria in Africa, which houses 196 people.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He said that there is a need to find out whether patients in the country were infected with a new form of corona.

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