News coverage of the Corona epidemic is higher than World War II

London, Ta. December 26, 2020 is Saturday

Since Christmas Boxing Day, the top Corona level Tier Four has been implemented in various parts of the UK, putting 6 million people at home in the East and South-East of England. These tier-four restrictions have been imposed as part of a plan announced this week to combat the rapidly spreading corona virus subtype.

Locking has also been done in Scotland and Northern Ireland. A six-week lockout has begun in Northern Ireland from Saturday. Whereas in Scotland, strict restrictions have been imposed for three weeks. The lockdown has also been re-imposed in Wales since deaths from the Corona epidemic reached 70,000.

The death toll in the UK has risen to 70,195 in the last 28 days, with 570 dead today. Britain now ranks sixth in the world in terms of corona deaths. On Friday, 32,725 new cases of corona were reported in Scotland and England.

With 1,31,600 new cases of corona virus reported worldwide, the total number of cases has risen to 80,326,670, with 3,000 deaths and a total of 17,60,032 deaths. A total of 8774 new cases of corona were reported in India today and 142 people died.

All unnecessary shops, bars and restaurants in Tier Four Control are closed. People are only allowed to meet a person in public. Most England was covered under Tier Four sanctions just before Christmas.

Meanwhile, despite all precautions, a patient in France has been found infected with a new subtype of the corona virus in the UK. The French citizen Tours is a native of the city and returned from London on 19 December. Forty countries, including India, have cut tourism links with the UK following the discovery of a new subtype of the rapidly spreading corona virus in Britain.

China, meanwhile, plans to give the Corona vaccine free to lost countries, which it cannot give in an attempt to regain lost prestige and wealth in the Corona epidemic. Pfizer and Bioentech Corona vaccines arrived in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

The corona epidemic has had a devastating effect on human life. According to an analysis by The Economist, the corona epidemic has become the most widely covered phenomenon in history.

This year, more than half of all articles published by The New York Times and The Economist used the term corona virus or Kovid-19. During World War II, economists used the word war in 54 percent of articles in 1941 and 53 percent of articles in World War I in 1915. The New York Times used the term war in 39 percent of stories in 1918 and 37 percent in 1942.

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