New Ad: Gillum is ‘Too Radical’

A new ad from the Republican Governor’s Association attacks Democrat Andrew Gillum as being “too radical” because of his association with a group called the Dream Defenders.

The Dream Defenders label themselves a “Black Liberation” organization founded in 2012 “to make powerful change come to Florida.”

The group’s agenda outlined in their “Freedom Papers” are found on the organization’s website. The Dream Defenders call police racist, advocate for open borders and free college for all.

In the new commercial, Gillum is seen giving a “shout out” to the Dream Defenders before their positions are highlighted in the ad.

The commercial says: Gillum’s backers say the United States is “the biggest bully in the history of the planet.” And adds, Their co-founder says Andrew Gillum is “part of the movement” and if he’s governor they will “move a radical platform.”

“Andrew Gillum’s unwavering support for the radical Dream Defenders proves that he is too extreme to be governor,” said RGA spokesman Jon Thompson. “These radicals not only support the abolishment of borders, prisons, and police, but also call the United States ‘the biggest bully in the history of the planet.’ Gillum’s extreme platform is too radical for Florida.”

The Dream Defenders is one of the organizations that drew Republican Ron DeSantis’ ire during an event Monday. It resulted in Gillum calling DeSantis “unstable.”

DeSantis calls the organization anti-Semitic. On their website, the Dream Defenders call Israel a “colonial project” that “was born out of a political ideology called Zionism.” They say black and Palestinian “liberation” are linked together.

A Gillum campaign spokesman says he doesn’t share the Dream Defenders views’ on Israel. But this could be another case of guilt by association that has dogged DeSantis. Gillum, as recently as Monday, accused DeSantis of having racist supporters. DeSantis has repeatedly disavowed racist comments made by supporters.