NASA’s helicopter sent its voice from Mars to Earth

Cape Canaveral, Ta. .
A NASA helicopter sent to Mars has sent its voice to Earth. That sound is like a mosquito murmur. For the first time NASA released a video of the helicopter on Twitter, in which the sound is heard.
US space agency NASA has released a video of the helicopter sent to Mars on Twitter. This is the first time the sound of a helicopter has been heard. The humming sound of a mosquito can be heard in the video. The helicopter flew for the fifth time. Named Ingenuity, the helicopter weighs only 1.5 kg. It looked like a mosquito flapping its wings as the helicopter was 60 feet away from the rover’s microphone.
NASA scientists said that the helicopter’s noise was amplified by the system. So it can be heard. Otherwise the sound was too slow because the microphone was away. The video shows the helicopter passing through the very bottom.
Earlier, NASA had also shared pictures of the helicopter on social media. Then a video appeared showing a helicopter. In NASA scientists ‘circuits, Ingenuity’s flight is compared to Reuters Brothers’ first aircraft flight. Because this helicopter has set a new record on Mars forever.

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