Musk’s company will build a spacecraft for a lunar mission equivalent to NASA at a cost of 258 billion

– The spacecraft must be able to bring back astronauts

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ company was also in the running for a contract to land two astronauts on the moon in 2024

New York: For the first time in 18 years, the US space agency NASA sent a similar mission to the moon. It was compiled in the Apple program 12. Then now NASA wants to send a similar mission to the moon again. This mission will probably be organized in 202. For this, the contract for the lander spacecraft that can land on the moon and return from there has been awarded to the Space-X company. NASA will pay Elon Musk’s company Space-X (2.5 billion (Rs 4 billion)) for the contract.

Other private companies competed to form the lender, including Elon Musk’s rival and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin. But putting all that aside, NASA has given Space-X another contract. Space-X has been working for NASA for many years. Under this mission called Artemish, NASA wants to send two astronauts to the moon. NASA plans to have one male and one female astronaut.

If the US successfully completes this mission, it will be the only country to land on the moon twice. In the first lunar eclipse of 19, astronauts stayed on the moon for a few hours.

This time the week is planned to be on the moon, study it and collect samples. Therefore, rockets and landers landing on the moon should be just as powerful and equipped.

The spacecraft that landed on the moon are now called manned landing missions. Elon Musk himself is a scientist and engineer, working on such rockets for years. NASA will send four astronauts to the moon, two of which will be in orbit, two will land on the lunar surface.

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