Mobile Application and Testing Solutions Market to Reach US$25 Bn by 2030

Soaring Demand for Testing Solutions from Commercial and Corporate Sectors to Propel Market

Over the past decade, the number of smartphone users around the world has increased at an exponential rate. While the sales of smartphone devices continue to ascend at an impressive pace, the demand for other electronic devices, including tablets, electronic notepads, and readers have also experienced a considerable boost in the past few years. The average time a smartphone user spends on mobile applications has witnessed a considerable year-on-year growth due to which, application developers are increasingly investing more resources to improve the overall user experience. Mobile application testing solutions have thereby amassed considerable attention over the past few years, as application developers strive to provide a seamless user experience to improve user retention and attract new users.

Mobile testing trends and strategies continue to evolve at a regular interval in line with the evolving demands of tech-savvy consumers and advancements in technology. The growing demand for mobile application and testing solutions, particularly from commercial and corporate sectors is one of the leading factors that is expected to drive the expansion of the mobile application and testing solutions market during the forecast period. The growing requirement for regression testing and addressing bugs and glitches in applications across multiple devices are some of the major drivers likely to increase the demand for mobile application and testing solutions. At the back of these factors, the global mobile application and testing solutions market is expected to reach ~US$ 25 Bn mark by the end of 2030.

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Market Players Explore Potential of ML and AI in Mobile Testing

While Industry 4.0 is well underway across the global industrial sector, factory automation driven by technological advancements such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models has redefined industrial operations in the past few years. At present, players involved in the mobile application and testing solutions market are gradually inclined toward automating the process by leveraging these technologies to improve productivity and most importantly, the overall quality of mobile applications. At present, the limited usage of test automation is a major barrier in quality assurance due to which, market players are exploring the potential of new technologies in mobile testing. In addition, as time-to-market is a critical parameter for mobile application developers, several companies are focusing on minimizing the number of manual tasks.

Although automating the mobile application testing solutions is at a nascent stage, market players are expected to explore different tools to unlock the true potential of test automation in the upcoming years. The ML and AI are expected to revolutionize mobile testing by introducing effective tweaks in the workflow and processes of the testing cycle. The AI has established a solid presence in the mobile application space in the form of virtual assistants and bots. The advent of AI in mobile application testing solutions is likely to identify changes at a faster rate than humans, while simultaneously updating the algorithm. One of the most promising ways in which AI is likely to be deployed in mobile application and testing solutions is to detect the drawbacks of a mobile application to streamline regression testing.

Entry of IoT and 5G to Strongly Influence Market Growth

While AI and ML takes giant strides toward large-scale adoption across the mobile application and testing solutions market, the Internet of Things (IoT) is also expected to gain considerable popularity as more number of electronic devices are being connected via the Internet. The IoT testing is expected to garner considerable traction during the forecast period, particularly to assess compatibility and the usability of IoT systems in order to optimize simulation of sensors, the integrity of data validation, data privacy & user authentication, and test the overall performance of the IoT devices. The entry of the 5th generation mobile networks is expected to provide numerous benefits, including high security, speed, and reliability.

As the 5G network is expected to gain mainstream acceptance over the upcoming years, market players involved in the mobile application and testing solutions market are increasingly focusing on test automation and other built-in systems to test mobile applications powered by the 5G network. The entry of 5G and IoT is expected to play a key role in setting the tone for the growth of the global mobile application and testing solutions market during the forecast period.

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Demand for Mobile Applications to Trace and Detect COVID-19 Cases

As the novel COVID-19 virus continues to spread at a blazing pace around the world, government authorities are compelled to respond with stringent lockdowns and enforce restrictions on trade and transportation. Amid the ongoing health crisis, operations in several industrial sectors have come to a halt. Industrial and corporate players are increasingly focusing on developing effective business continuity strategies to mitigate losses during the COVID-19 event.

Participants operating in the current mobile application and testing solutions market landscape are largely focusing on incorporating a remote working lifestyle amid the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, the growing demand for mobile applications to track COVID-19 cases and provide COVID-19 related information has emerged as a window of opportunity for market participants during the ongoing pandemic. In addition, as companies across different industrial and commercial spheres continue to diversify their product range and services, mobile application developers are playing an imperative role in creating a robust digital presence for brands and business organizations.

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