Say what you will about Bernie Sanders — he’s absolutely committed to his socialist principles.

Responding to President Trump’s attacks on his “Medicare for All” proposal, Senator Sanders claimed his plan “would guarantee everyone could get the health care they need.”

Where I come from, that’s called a whopper of a tale.

The truth is that “Medicare for All” is just a nicer-sounding name for government-run, socialized healthcare — which by its nature is rationed healthcare.

Just imagine for a minute that the government said it was going to buy everyone in the country a car. Do you think all 325.7 million Americans would get Maseratis and Ferraris? Of course not. Most of us would be lucky to get 30-year old clunkers. Healthcare is no different.

For all its faults, the current U.S. healthcare system produces the best possible, most advanced medical treatments available in the world — which is why people in countries with socialist healthcare frequently fly here to receive them.

Those treatments simply aren’t available in the countries that Bernie Sanders idolizes — they’re just too expensive for their governments to provide them.

The simple fact is that the government can never hope to have enough money to adequately meet the unique, individual healthcare needs of each and every citizen, just like the government would never be able to buy every citizen in the country a luxury vehicle.

The bottom line in a socialist healthcare system is that state administrators inevitably have to prioritize saving money over patients’ needs, otherwise the entire system would collapse.

Under socialist healthcare systems, medical treatments are not selected based on their impact or success rate, but on their cost-effectiveness. This is an inherent violation of the Hippocratic Oath — to put it bluntly, “Medicare for All” pits saving people’s lives against saving money.

Not only are treatment options fewer in places with socialist healthcare systems, but they’re also harder to get. In countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom, people often have to wait weeks or even months to see a specialist or get the procedures they need.

That Sanders and his socialist ilk wish to subject Americans to such a system is unfathomable.

Worse still, many mainstream, establishment Democrats — including several Senators who plan to run for president in 2020 and one-third of the Democrats in Congress — have endorsed or co-sponsored the Sanders Medicare for All plan. Most of them are on the ballot in the midterm elections on November 6.

Along with eating, sleeping, employment, and relationships, healthcare is one of the most vital facets of our lives. We wouldn’t want the government telling us what we can eat and when. We wouldn’t want the government telling us when we can go to sleep and for how long. We wouldn’t want government-assigned jobs. And we certainly wouldn’t want the government assigning us mates.

Why on earth would we want the government telling us what doctors we’re allowed to see and what treatments we can get? It’s sheer madness.

Obviously, healthcare is an intensely personal thing. And that is at the center of another nasty little surprise Bernie Sanders and his neo-communist co-conspirators have in store for us.

Under “Medicare for All,” doctor-patient confidentiality won’t exist. Every single bump and bruise, every single embarrassing condition, every single sexually-transmitted disease or failed pregnancy will be meticulously recorded in a government database, accessible to the sort of low-level government bureaucrats you see at the DMV or TSA.

Then again, you probably won’t be able to get a doctor to see you anyhow, so privacy might end up being the least of your concerns.

Winston Churchill quipped famously that socialism “is the equal sharing of misery.” Nowhere is this more evident today than in countries with socialist healthcare systems. Americans deserve the best possible care in the world, but Bernie Sanders and the Democrats are offering us misery on a mass scale.

Keep this in mind on this on Election Day, before it’s too late for America.