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Bitpanda wants to advance blockchain adoption. To this end, the neo broker is investing almost 10 million euros in a new research and development hub.

Just a few weeks ago, the Austrian Unicorn Bitpanda announced the opening of a branch in Berlin. The Viennese neo-broker thus created around 100 new jobs in the German FinTech stronghold. Now the crypto company is following suit and announcing the start of a blockchain and development hub in a press release. The Viennese FinTech would like to offer a new professional home to a total of 30 crypto experts by the end of the year. Candidates receive intensive training in several workshops. Bitpanda will invest a total of around 10 million euros in the project over the next two years.

The focus of the activity is primarily on the development of strategic blockchain capabilities and proof of concept in order to create integrable solutions for the in-house multi-asset investment platform. In the future, the hub should not only serve the company’s own interests, but also contribute to the global adoption of blockchain technology.

Three Big Challenges for Blockchain Adoption

Marcus Feistl, Country Manager DACH at Bitpanda, currently sees three major hurdles. He says to BTC-ECHO:

The greatest challenges can currently be identified in three areas: Technical challenges arise above all in the scalability of individual blockchains and interoperability. (…) In addition, there are regulatory challenges above all in unclear framework conditions – this requires extensive cooperation between the community, companies, politics and stakeholders, especially on an international level. And thirdly, there is a need for clear and easily understandable use cases. To understand the scope of the technology and its application, a high level of technical knowledge is currently required.

Marcus Feistl, Country Manager DACH at Bitpanda opposite BTC-ECHO

It must be possible to reduce these hurdles for users and make the usability of blockchain technology more accessible for everyone. “Because the more concrete blockchain applications are easily understandable and accessible, the greater the global acceptance will ultimately be,” says Feistl.

In general, there is a lot of hope in the new blockchain hub. Above all, it is hoped that this will bring customers a new level of innovation. The future will show whether this will work out.

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