Lover built a cellar to meet married girlfriend: husband caught her

Mexico, Ta. 21
A photo of an incident in Mexico has gone viral on social media. A lover built a cellar up to her house to meet his estranged girlfriend, but the husband broke her pot and held them both by hand.
In Mexico, a man named Alberto fell in love with a married woman living nearby. Alberto built a cellar so that the two could be easily found. The basement was under the couch in the woman’s house. When her husband George was not at home, the lover was coming home from the basement. This has been going on for a long time.
But one day the husband came home earlier than expected. He noticed that his wife was not at home. He saw that the sofa had changed. The secret passage went under the couch, probing carefully. Husband George entered it and went straight to Alberto’s house, where he shook hands with them, making physical relations with them.
After the news broke in local media in Mexico, his pictures went viral on social media. The cellar was built very neatly. Under the couch, his path was open in such a way that it was not known at first glance.
The twist in this whole incident is that the lover is also married and the basement was built in such a way that his wife was not even aware of it. George also filed a police complaint informing Alberto’s wife of the entire incident.

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