Lockout in Hebei province of China: 11 million people stopped from leaving the city

Shanghai, ta. Thursday, January 7, 2020

People in the northern Chinese capital and largest city of Hebei have been banned from leaving their homes as a precautionary measure against the spread of the corona virus.

Of the 52 cases reported by the National Health Commission on Thursday, 51 were of Abel. A total of 20 cases were reported from across the province, including Beijing. Authorities in Xi’anzong, with a population of 1.1 million, began mass trials and banned gathering of crowds. Apart from not leaving home and the city, people and vehicles from the city area were also asked not to leave the high risk area.

On Tuesday, Hebei entered wartime mode, meaning that investigative teams would be stationed in every city, province and district headquarters to identify the infected people as well as those who came in contact with them. Chinese government media previously reported that Shijiazhuang Province banned people from entering the city from the main railway station.

Earlier, it was also mandatory for those entering the city to show a negative certificate of corona test 72 hours before boarding the train. Earlier, 63 new cases were reported across China, while 32 cases were reported a day earlier. This is the highest number after 127 cases were reported on 30 July.

The number of asymptomatic carriers infected with SARS-Covi-2 virus increased to 79 from 64 a day earlier. Since the first case of Corona appeared in Wuhan in the last days of 2019, the total number of Covey-19 cases in China has increased to 87,278.

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