Kovid-19 infection spread rapidly, closing all schools in London

New Delhi, Saturday 2 January 2020

The British government has decided to close all schools in London as the Kovid-19 transition spreads rapidly, with London schools reopening before Monday.

Teachers and opposition leaders are urging the British government to close the schools, with the National Health Service (NHSA) saying that more Kovid patients are being re-admitted to hospitals.

Teachers and leaders say the UK needs to keep schools closed to protect the country and the NHS, especially in London, as matters are rising, while UK Education Minister Gavin Williams said: “We are monitoring the situation And we will reopen as soon as possible. ” Come on, open it.

According to the latest data, new strains of Kovid-19 are increasing patients across the UK. The situation is grim in London on Monday, with the highest number of new strains of corona in the southeastern and eastern Britain, with infection rates spreading faster than expected. Stringent measures are required to control the virus.

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