Kovid-19: EU begins vaccination, 450 million people were to be vaccinated

Rome, Sunday 27 December 2020

European Union countries on Sunday began vaccinations to protect their 450 million people from deadly corona disease, in 27 EU countries to protect vaccinated medical personnel, nursing home staff and senior leaders from corona virus infection, And reassured people that the vaccine is safe. , And has opened up great possibilities for survival from this epidemic.

“No pain at all,” said Maria Rosaria Capobia, the first woman to receive the vaccine in Romania, Mihala Angel, a nurse at the Mitai Bales Institute (Bucharest). Open your eyes and get vaccinated. An invitation to be confident and most supportive, no cause for concern.

At least 16 million cases of corona virus infection have been reported in 27 EU countries, killing 336,000 people, most of which are 72,000 in Italy. , People who are being vaccinated will have to return for another dose after three weeks.

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