Kim Jong-un threatened to use nuclear weapons if you do not change your stand

– America is our worst enemy

New Delhi 9 January 2021 Saturday

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un said, “We will have to use nuclear weapons if the West does not change its attitude towards us.” He described the United States as North Korea’s worst enemy.

According to state media reports, Kim Jong Un said that North Korea’s relationship with the United States depends on whether the United States changes its stance. “If the United States did not change its current position on our relations, we would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons.”

Kim Jong Un, without naming the changing president and administration in the United States, said that now it was for the United States to decide what kind of relationship it wanted to have with us. We are clear in our attitude. No relationship can be one-sided. Equal steps should be taken by both. Jong’s statements were a kind of danger.

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