Jonathan, a spy for Israel, was released by the US after three years

Tel Aviv, D.V.

US spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard was released on Tuesday after serving a six-year prison sentence. Pollard left the US with his wife and arrived in Israel as an Israeli spy. Pollard, who proved to be zero in the US, is an Israeli hero, as he provided many secret Israeli documents to the US Navy. So Prime Minister Netanyahu himself was present at the Israeli airport to welcome him and handed over the Israeli icard.

At 19, Jonathan was caught giving misinformation. He was sentenced to five years by the US. That incident was over now. Initially, Israel denied that Jonathan was her spy. But at 19 he was granted Israeli citizenship and confessed to being an agent. In 2014, Netanyahu asked the United States to forgive him, which the United States did not accept. The US released him on parole last month.

Sheldon’s private aircraft were used to bring him from the United States to Israel. Since the coronation era, the couple will be displaced to Jerusalem as a rule. “I went to serve two countries simultaneously, but failed,” Jonathan said in an interview after the sentencing. Jonathan is an American citizen, but was spying for Israel. He was a very important spy for Israel, as evident by the hospitality he received.

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