Johnson will not return to India on 26th due to Corona epidemic in Britain

London, Ta. 5 Tuesday 2021 on Tuesday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to visit India on 26 January. Although he thanked Boris Jones for accepting the invitation, he said he would not visit India on 26 January due to the current Corona epidemic.

On Tuesday, Boris Jones spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the phone. Meanwhile, on 26 January, he extended his best wishes and said that the current corona epidemic has increased in Britain and a new corona virus has arrived. He regretted that India could not come under such an emergency.

However, Jones also said that he could visit India in the middle of this year. A British government spokesman said that Jones had spoken to PM Modi, during which he regretted that he could not visit India as he was currently in the Corona epidemic.

A national lockout was announced in Britain last night. Jones said that due to the urgency of my stay in the UK, every foreign trip is canceled. He also hoped that he could visit India in the middle of this year.

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