Jack Mann will be severely criticized for missing two months, Alibaba owner Xi Jinping

Beijing, Ta. 4 January 2021, Monday

Alibaba, a Chinese billionaire businessman and e-commerce giant, and Jack Ma, owner of Auntie Group, have been missing for the past two months. He has not been seen at any public event since being targeted by Chinese President Xi Jinping. While his company is continuously taking action. Many doubts remain after Jack’s disappearance.

Jack Ma has been seen as a speaker at most public events in China and is also very popular among young people due to his motivational speeches. He broke out of China’s hapless financial regulators and state-owned banks during an event in Shanghai in October last year. Jack Ma appealed to the government to improve the system. He called the global banking rules the club of elders.

And the days of Jack’s head start

China’s ruling Communist Party erupted after Jack Ma’s speech. Jack Ma’s criticism was seen as an attack on the Communist Party, and his bad days have since begun. A self-inquiry was launched against his business. At the behest of President Xi Jinping, Chinese officials slapped Jack Ma in November last year for blocking his ant group’s $ 37 billion IPO listing.

A media report published a positive article stating that it was directly ordered by Chinese President Xi Jinping to cancel the IPO of Jack Manal Ant Group. The day before Christmas, he was ordered not to leave the country until an investigation was launched against his company.

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