It is difficult for Donald Trump to hold the presidency even for 14 days, there is widespread demand to remove him from office

– Trump supporters reacted to violence at the Capitol Building on Wednesday

– Members of the Trump party, including the opposition, also demanded the use of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution against Trump.

Washington, Ta. 7 January 2020, Thursday

Several US lawmakers and organizations have called for Trump to be removed from the presidency following violence by supporters of President Donald Trump in the US Capitol. The building, which was stormed by Trump supporters, was home to members of the US Congress. Many MPs and governors have called on Trump to seek impeachment in the wake of the incident.

Demanded the use of the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution.

The most interesting thing is that there are only 14 days left in Trump’s tenure, but after this incident on Wednesday evening, action is being raised against him. Pum had previously tried to impeach Trump once, but was unsuccessful. On January 6, the US Congress was to finalize the presidential election results. Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building to stop him. Trump tweeted to provoke his supporters before the incident.

Donald Trump is refusing to step down, accusing him of rigging the presidential election results. Even his daughter Ivanka Trump called violent supporters patriots. However, he deleted the tweet after the controversy. Members of both Republican and Democratic parties have condemned these acts of Trump supporters.

Virginia Democratic Party MP said Trump is a threat to our democracy. I am in favor of impeachment to remove him from office. He said the 25th amendment to the constitution would make it easier to remove Trump from power. The opposition is fine, but the leaders of Trump’s own party are demanding his removal.

A prominent US newspaper, the Washington Post, has asked Pum Trump to step down. He also referred to the 25th constitutional amendment. He wrote that President Trump is unfit to hold Pum office for the next 14 days. One second of his term is a threat to the rule of law and national security. The Washington Post has called on Vice-President Mike Pence to take the responsibility for the rest of his term by calling him Cabinet.

This is the 25th amendment to the US Constitution since 1967. Arrangements have been made so that if the President is unable to assume power, he can be replaced by someone else. Along with this, a provision has also been made that in the event of the resignation or demise of the President, power can be transferred to the Vice President.

This constitutional amendment has already been used in the United States. In December 1973, US President Spiro Agnew resigned. Two months later, Richard Nixon was elected vice president using the 25th amendment to the constitution.

The Vice President’s consent to implement the 25th Constitutional Amendment and a majority of the Cabinet declare that the President is unable to carry out his responsibilities. If the President opposes this, a two-thirds majority in both houses is required to hand over power to the Vice President.

One thing is sure, US Vice President Pence has not yet given any such indication. However, on Wednesday, Vice President Pence targeted Trump. Pence said he would not allow law and order violations. Simultaneously, it would not allow Trump to block the counting of congressional electoral votes using his constitutional powers.

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