Israeli warplanes launch missile attack from Lebanon to Syria, killing 6

Beirut, Friday 12 December 2020

The Israeli plane crashed shortly after noon on Friday as it flew into parts of Lebanon, causing panic, with some saying they had seen missiles in Beirut, the official Syrian news agency reported in the Syrian central city of Syria. Reported minutes after the explosion in Massif. The Syrian Air Force then launched an operation against Israel near the Hama province.

There is no information on who was targeted or how many people were affected in the attack, that Israeli planes continue to violate Lebanese airspace and sometimes attack Syria from Lebanese areas, people panic on Christmas day , No statement has yet been released regarding Friday’s incident or the Israeli attack in Syria.

According to Syrian sources, the attack took place in Hama province, Syria, at 4:40 am Israeli jets fired missiles from the airspace of Lebanon between the cities of Tripoli and Massafe in Hama province.

The Israeli airstrip killed six Iranian-backed fighters, a source told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, asking all foreign paramilitaries to fight alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s army.

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