Israel fired 1,000 rockets overnight: Hamas killed 11 commanders

Tel Aviv, Ta. 13
Tensions between Israel and Hamas have increased. Twenty years later, thousands of rocket attacks took place. Hamas fired rockets at one terrorist group after another. In response, Israel claimed to have fired 1,000 rockets a night. An official statement said that the death toll has risen to eight.
Israel retaliated by firing more than 1,000 rockets at Hamas. It claimed that 11 Hamas commanders were killed. Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip have killed at least six people so far, a Gaza health official has said. More than 50 have been injured. He was charged with the murder of seven people in Israel. There were no reports of deaths in Israel.
Repeated airstrikes forced all flights to the Israeli capital to be canceled or diverted. Massive attacks in the Gaza Strip caused the entire region to go into a frenzy.
The United Nations Security Council called for an end to the attacks. Jerusalem is a sacred pilgrimage center for Muslims and Christianity apart from Jews. At the same time, Christian countries also appealed to reduce tension. The Israeli Defense Minister said in uncertain terms, “We will aggressively respond to every attack to protect our citizens.”
The Egyptian delegation arrived in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, amid tensions. Members of this delegation have begun efforts to establish peace on both sides. Egyptian peace envoys also held talks with Hamas leaders before reaching Israel’s capital.
Significantly, in the last few years, the biggest conflict between the two sides took place in 2016. The war lasted for 40 days. Earlier in the year 2000, a rocket attacked me. Ever since Israel was born as a new country, there has been a conflict between Islamic countries and Israel. The ceasefire came after peace talks with Egypt in the 1980s and 1990s. However, the war stops from time to time.

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