Is Trump in the mood to do something new or old during Biden’s swearing-in ceremony?

New York, January 7, 2021, Monday

For the first time in American history, the president is not willing to give up even after the results are declared. An article has been published in the Washington Post, a prestigious American newspaper, which has attracted attention not only to the US but to the entire world. According to the article, citing a phone recording of current President Donald Trump, he is beating up Georgia’s top election official Brad Rafsper. Trump has also spoken on the phone about the arrangement of the 1,150 votes needed for his victory. The Trump administration has not commented on the viral phone call, but 10 former US defense ministers have advised the US military to stay out of the election controversy.

This is the first time in American history that a former US Secretary of Defense has made such a statement together. Surprisingly, the former defense minister was associated with the main political parties, both Democrats and Republicans. They include Dick Cheney, William Perry, Donald Rumsfeld, William Cohen, Robert Gates, Leon Panetta, Chuck Jugal, Ash Carter, James Mattris and Mark Asper. James Mattis was defense minister in the Trump administration until 2012. Former defense ministers believe that any action taken by the military would be dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional. Any civilian or military officer who does or orders something must be prepared to be punished for committing a crime in the Republic of America.

Donald Trump lost the election last November. He will be replaced by nine elected presidents on January 20, ending his term as president. However, given the way Trump is trying to secure his seat after the November election results, some suspect that Trump will do something new or old at Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. In the United States, recruitment took place in several locations after the November 9 election. The court was engulfed in controversy over allegations of tampering with the election results. Despite Trump’s many efforts, the results have not changed. However, US military officials have previously clarified that military loyalty is tied to the US Constitution. No leader or political party has any responsibility.

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