Iran deploys air defense system around nuclear sites fearing US and Israeli missile attacks

Tehran, Friday 25 December 2020

Fearing missile attacks from the US and Israel, Iran has begun strengthening its air defense system around its nuclear facilities, deploying surface-to-air missiles near its nuclear facilities, a move that would have come at that time Is when tensions are running high.

Kuwait newspaper said that Kuwait’s Al Qabas newspaper quoted Iranian sources as saying that surface-to-air missiles had been deployed. Earlier, Iran was openly threatened by US President Donald Trump following the attack on the US Embassy in Iraq. Radars have been deployed.

Iran’s efforts to thwart any attempt to disrupt Iran’s uranium enrichment program, especially Natanza, after US President Donald Trump blamed Iran for the rocket attack on the US embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad. Near the uranium enrichment center, has been tightened. At the same time, Iran has threatened to retaliate if any civilian is killed in the attack.

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