Indonesian plane crashes in Java Sea with 3 passengers: debris found

Jakarta, ta. 9
An Indonesian plane with 6 passengers crashed in the Java Sea. The Boeing-8 aircraft lost contact within four minutes of takeoff. The aircraft flew from Jakarta and was due to reach Pontiac after a 20-minute voyage, but had already sunk into the sea.
A Srivijaya Airlines flight from Indonesia took off from Jakarta Airport at 2.3 pm. The plane crashed at 8.30, exactly four minutes after takeoff. Boeing-3 type aircraft sank 10,000 feet in one minute. According to experts, the aircraft coming down so fast means that it has crashed due to a malfunction in its engine.
The aircraft had a total of six passengers with six children. A total of nine people, including two pilots and crew members were aboard the aircraft. The wreckage of the aircraft was claimed to be found in the Java Sea. Pictures of the plane’s wreckage went viral on social media. However, no official statement was released.
The transport minister of Jakarta expressed sorrow over the incident and said a search operation was launched. The aircraft took off from Jakarta Airport and was supposed to reach Pontiac after a 20-minute flight. The domestic flight finished its journey just before it crashed in the Mediterranean Sea.
It is being claimed that the crashed aircraft was a Boeing-3, but not a Boeing-2 Max. The Boeing-3 Max is considered a controversial model. There is a flaw in this model because two aircraft of this model crashed in a few years. However, the aircraft crashed near Jakarta was Boeing-3-200.
The crashed plane was 3 years old. The aircraft was purchased by American Continental Airlines in the 19th century. It was bought by Srivijay Airlines.

… then all the passengers would have lost their lives!
According to Indonesian Transport Minister Budikarya Sumadi, the flight had to be canceled at some point. The flight was delayed by an hour instead of the scheduled time. Flight was delayed due to various reasons from airlines and airports. At one point it was uncertain whether the flight would fly, but it was announced that the flight would take off after an hour delay. The flight took off from Jakarta Airport at 6.5 minutes and crashed exactly 4.50 minutes later. As the time approached, the late aircraft sank into the ocean within minutes.

A year ago, a Ukrainian plane crashed in Iran
Ukraine International Airlines Boeing-8-200 aircraft crashed on January 9, 2020 in Tehran, Iran. An aircraft traveling from Tehran to Kiev, Iran mysteriously crashed within minutes of flying, killing 12 passengers. It was claimed that the plane was shot down by the Iranian military during the ongoing tension between Iran and the US. The Iranian government initially denied the allegations, but later admitted that it had accidentally shot down an Iranian military missile.

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