Indian dignity Verma became America’s first female digital director

Washington, Ta. Friday, January 15, 2020

Indian-origin Garima Verma will be the digital director for Biden’s wife, the first woman to become US President. Jill Biden will be the first woman to become the President of the United States next week and Garima Verma will work with her.

In addition to Gari, Michael Lawrence was appointed Jill’s press secretary. Biden hired more members of his wife Jill Biden’s office. Rory Brosius was appointed as the new interim director before joining the force.

Biden’s transition team said on Thursday that Garima Verma was born in India. He decided on a strategy to handle audience and election material in Ohio and California’s Central Valley during campaigning in Biden-Harris.

A statement issued here said, “Garima Verma played a very important role in the election campaign.” Was a key member of the content team. The content team designed the material for Biden to promote throughout the country.

He was previously involved in the entertainment world and worked on the marketing team with Paramount Pictures. Garima Verma designed some small businesses and also worked as a distribution and digital consultant for voluntary organizations.

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