India should seek military help to prevent corona outbreak, White House medical adviser

Washington, May 4, 2021, Tuesday

A top US physician and White House medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fossey suggests that India works on a three-pronged formula to prevent corona infection.

He said that nationwide lockout should be implemented in India, people should be vaccinated against corona on a large scale and temporary hospitals should be set up in large numbers. The Indian government should enlist the help of the army. Getting the help of the army to build a hospital overnight can make a difference.

Dr. Fossey said that when Corona had a serious problem in China last year, it used all its resources to build hospitals. So that all people can get treatment. India should also build a field hospital with the help of the army. These types of hospitals are prepared during the war. So that people can get a bed. I hope the Indian government is working on it.

“When so many people are infected at the same time and there is a lack of oxygen from the bed, the situation is definitely hopeless,” he said. All countries including America should come forward to help India in this. India should use vaccines from all countries for vaccination.

He reiterated that India should implement the lockdown for a few weeks. This breaks the chain of infection.

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