India, joining the United Nations Security Council from today, exposes China’s aggression to the world.

– Although currently joining as a temporary member

New Delhi dated 1 January 2021 Friday

From today, ie from the first day of 2021, India was ready to become a temporary member of the UN Security Council.

The way India saw India in the year 2020 after facing the Chinese invasion of the Ladakh border changed. There was a belief that India was no longer ready to be oppressed or ostracized.

India was expected to expose China’s efforts to infiltrate and infiltrate more than one country. China has consistently voiced anti-India sentiment in the Security Council. To help its Asian friend Pakistan, China repeatedly raised the issue of Kashmir in the committee, leaving India in a dilemma. Now India will be able to uncover China’s rift.

From today onwards, India will sit with Norway, Ireland, Kenya and Mexico as temporary members. Other temporary members include Estonia, Niger, St. Vincent, Tunisia and Vietnam. On the other hand China, France, Russia, United States and Britain are permanent members. India will also chair the Security Council in August this year. Each member is responsible for chairing the Security Council for one year.

Through this committee, India will have to tell the whole world about China’s aggression and its policy of disturbing its neighbors without any reason. India has concrete issues like cross-border terrorism, funding of terrorism by Pakistan, money laundering etc. China has strengthened its position in the United Nations because it has been described as a temporary member of the Security Council of India.

Had pushed its people into some important subdivisions of the United Nations. He also increased his budget well. India will be able to confront China by raising the issue of Chinese aggression in Hong Kong and Taiwan as China raises the Kashmir issue to help Pakistan. Apart from protecting its own interests, India is also aiming to expose China and Pakistan.

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