In Dubai, Indian Sagira disposes 2500 kg of e-waste

(PTI) Dubai, Ta. Friday, January 15, 2020

The settlement of 2,500 kg of Ives collected in the Gulf countries was largely done by a fifteen-year-old boy from Dubai. Rava Tulpul, a 10th grade student, started by cleaning the overflow drawer in 2016, media reported. Tulpul found several electronic appliances while cleaning the house with his mother, who moved to a new house a few years ago.

As a result, he was motivated to dispose of this e-waste. In addition to 2500 kg of e-waste disposed by Waker DXB. The equipment will be recycled over a period of four years.

I told my mother why we do not dispose of what we do not use? The mother said that they would have to be very careful and handle the settlement. We do not know how to dispose of it. I was stunned by what my mother said, ”said Rewa.

He said that many people throw away old equipment anywhere because they do not know that such equipment can be recycled. Rewa was quick to create awareness through social media. Today, many students, professionals and the general public have joined him.

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