Impact Of Covid-19 Outbreak On Aquatic Weed Harvester Market

Global Aquatic Weed Harvester Market – Introduction

Aquatic weed harvester is an equipment used to remove the excess algae and vegetation that grows on water bodies. These harvesters are an environmentally sound method of restricting the growth of aquatic weeds. Weed harvesters cut and collect aquatic vegetation from the water body.

Various types of aquatic weed harvesters are available, which differ according to the capacity and purpose of the harvester. Some manufacturers provide customized aquatic weed harvesters as per the requirement.

Global Aquatic Weed Harvester Market – Competitive Landscape

Aquarius Systems, Inland Lake Harvesters, Inc., Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd, CONVER, Weedoo Greenboat Inc., Aquamarine Inc., Berky, and HTS Co. Ltd. are key manufacturers of aquatic weed harvesters. Aquarius Systems is a leading manufacturer that provides customized aquatic weed harvesters with presence in several countries across the globe. The company caters to customers in 40 countries, worldwide, and holds a major share of the market in North America.

Aquarius Systems

Established in 1964, and currently based in Wisconsin, U.S. Aquarius Systems has worldwide presence and is a major player in the market in the U.S. Asia Pacific and North America are major markets for the company, which has been spending significantly in the development of advanced technology equipment.

Inland Lake Harvesters, Inc.

Inland Lake Harvesters, presently based in Burlington, Wisconsin, U.S., emphasizes on the development of weed harvesters for waterways. The company mostly manufactures high capacity aqua wee harvesters. The company has over 30 years of experience in the field of aqua weed harvesters.

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Berky is a leading manufacturer of water management equipment with worldwide presence. The company, which is based in Germany, and holds a significant position in the market in Asia with experience of over 50 years in the aquatic equipment market. In July 2015, Rent-a-Berky GmbH, a subsidiary of the company, was established to offer customers in Germany the chance to rent Berky’s machines.


Conver is a Netherlands-based company with notable presence in the aquatic equipment market. The company is at the forefront of the development of aquatic as well as land-based machines and has vast experience of over 50 years in the market.

Global Aquatic Weed Harvester Market – Dynamics

Rising awareness among society and government about lake water preservation coupled with increasing initiatives to clean rivers and lake water

The global market for the aquatic weed harvester is expanding at a moderate pace and is likely to expand consistently during the forecast period, owing to rising investment to preserve and protect aquatic life. Scarcity of water in various regions has played a significant role in raising awareness among people about water conservation. Furthermore, rate of adoption of the weed hater harvester has been increasing in order to maintain cleanliness of lakes and waterways.

Demand for aquatic weed harvester was significantly high in 2015 due to multiple investment projects to clean water bodies. Additionally, failure of attempts to kill algae with chemicals has boosted the demand for aquatic weed harvesters. Expansion of companies offering aquatic solutions is also a key factor attributed to the high demand for aquatic weed harvesters.

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