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Senator Bill Nelson heads to Homestead today where reportedly 1000 children of undocumented adults are being held. In political terms this is the issue Nelson needed to boost his lackluster re-election campaign against Governor Rick Scott. While Nelson goes to the Homestead detention facility – with media in tow – Scott makes his seventh visit to Puerto Rico since the island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

The Republican drum beat of opposition to the Trump policy continues. Senator Marco Rubio weighed in Tuesday morning critical of separating parent from child.

Congressman Ron DeSantis, candidate for governor, made his first statement on the issue Monday night while attending a Republican gathering in Manatee County. According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, DeSantis said: “I’d keep the family together and repatriate them back as a family unit.” DeSantis later told the Herald-Tribune that Trump wasn’t to blame for the on-going controversy.  “The reason why the policy is is because there’s this Flores consent decree which says a minor cannot be held longer than 20 days, so if someone is claiming asylum the cases are not adjudicated within 20 and so then they’ll go ahead and relocate the child somewhere,” DeSantis said. “So my view is if there’s an asylum claim, you want that done within two weeks, and that may mean we need to provide more immigration judges or some of those other things. Then you don’t even have the trigger to where you would even have to separate.”

This will be a continuing story throughout Tuesday.