If Biden had 150 security men Corona, four million Americans are dead by now

– Four thousand deaths in one day on Thursday

Washington Saturday 23 January 2021 Saturday

There were reports that 150 officials involved in protecting US President Joe Biden were infected with Corona.

Corona has killed more than four million people in the United States so far. On Thursday 21 January, there were reports of four thousand people dying due to corona in a single day.

Biden’s security was beefed up after violent riots on Capitol Hill by supporters of then-President Donald Trump on the sixth of this month before Bidd was sworn in as president on January 20. On 20 January, Capitol Hill was converted into an impregnable fortress with the help of 25,000 National Guards, which feared riots during Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.

Barricades and barbed wire were also placed outside the White House. A White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on condition of anonymity, was infected with the virus by several of the 25,000 soldiers killed in Washington, DC on January 20. The number of such soldiers was also likely to increase.

Four thousand people died in America on Thursday for the second consecutive day due to Corona. According to a Reuters report, the Department of Public Health Data has so far released reports that thousands of people have died due to corona in the United States. However, a statement from the National Guard said that details of the corona infection in the soldiers would not be disclosed. However, it was clarified that his corona was tested and that his body temperature was also taken before being moved to Washington DC. The US military says that in the next five to six days thousands of troops have been evacuated from Washington and 15,000 will be brought back.

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