I am deeply saddened by the violence in America: Donald Trump is shedding crocodile tears

-I am willing to hand over the reins of power to the winner

-Donald Trump’s farewell preparations begin

Washington Friday, January 8, 2021

Farewell President Donald Trump released a video message this morning claiming he was “deeply saddened” by Thursday’s violence. I am deeply saddened by the violence in America.

In the message, released 24 hours after the violence, Trump also claimed that his focus was now on handing power over to the winner. He also admitted that Biden would take over on January 20.

It may be recalled that after a provocative speech by Trump on Thursday, thousands of his supporters attacked the Senate and committed vandalism. The bombing occurred shortly after noon in front of the US military base. A total of four people, including a woman, were killed in security firing.

Now Trump was expressing condolences for the violence. Now, however, preparations are underway to remove Trump from the presidency before January 20. Earlier, several officials resigned, including Trump’s deputy press secretary. There was a perception everywhere that Trump did not leave the White House because of the violence. Trump claimed that the people who perpetrated the violence were not true American citizens. I was deeply saddened by the violence. I immediately appointed the National Guard when the violence erupted. America has always been a law abiding country.

In fact, after the violence, some Democrat and Republican senators have vowed to attack Trump. Vice President Mike Pence agreed to step down. Trump was saddened to learn the trick.

Earlier, Trump had repeatedly accused him of rigging the election. He also went to court to stop counting of votes in some states. But it was not to be. Electoral College in Capitol Hill on Thursday formally declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the winner. Biden will now take the oath of office on January 20. Criticizing Trump, Biden said that, as of Thursday, the Trump administration had repeatedly behaved during the final four years of his rule, seemingly stigmatizing democracy.

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