Husband reaches court after shopkeeper gives bad slippers to wife

Karachi, Ta. 20 December 2020, Sunday

Many incidents related to husband and wife go viral on social media. At the same time, a news on social media is still catching people’s attention. The incident took place in Karachi, Pakistan. The incident is that a husband has filed a lawsuit against a shopkeeper selling a sandal in a consumer court. Because his wife had bought slippers from this shopkeeper and it turned out to be bad. The husband then reached the court. People who shared this news on social media are calling the husband a ‘year of the husband’ as he has reached the court for one of his wife’s slippers.

In his application to the court, the man alleged that his wife bought a pair of Rs 1,600 slippers from a shop on Tariq Road in Karachi. A few days later a sandal broke. We went to the shopkeeper and complained, but the shopkeeper was not ready to hear anything. My wife loved these slippers. He is very sad about his breakup.

Not only this, after seeing that application, the court has also allowed the case to be heard and given notice to the people and witnesses involved in the case. The petitioner has also demanded a heavy fine on the shopkeeper and strict action against him.

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