Husband and wife booked the entire flight for fear of Corona virus!

Jakarta, ta. 9 January 2021, Saturday

The corona virus has caused upheavals all over the world. People are advised to maintain social distance from each other to avoid corona infection. It is difficult to say when and where corona infection occurs. This is why people are also afraid to travel. What an Indonesian couple has done to travel amidst the threat of Corona will make you realize how afraid people are of the Corona virus.

An Indonesian man has booked an entire passenger flight to travel safely with his wife. The man who lives in Jakarta is named Richard Mooljadi. He has posted pictures of the aircraft on his social media account. The picture shows the husband and wife are the only two passengers inside the plane. The rest of the plane is empty.

Richard is famous for his lavish lifestyle. He was to fly from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. For which he booked the entire flight. Richard said that me and my wife were very afraid of the corona virus, so I booked the entire fleet.

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