House of Representatives votes for Trump to impeach

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In the US, Trump’s boat is likely to come ashore and sink. There is barely a week left from the President’s four years. There are signs that Trump’s second impeachment will begin. Impeachment proceedings are needed to remove the US President from power. Both houses of the US Congress vote on the bill. The delegates passed the bill by a majority today and sent a recommendation to the Vice President to implement the amendment.

The vote took place on Wednesday in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US House of Representatives. The House is not dominated by Trump’s Republican Party, but in the Democratic Party. It is therefore no surprise that there is an anti-Trump vote here. The major vote will now be taken by the US Senate (upper house of parliament). Trump’s party has a Republican majority in this House. The house is made up of 100 members. If 4 of them vote in favor of impeachment, then impeachment proceedings will be initiated.

Trump’s Republican Party currently has 21 MPs in the Senate. If 30 of those members vote against Trump, impeachment can be enforced against Trump. Of course, the US Congress does not have enough time to make this decision. How fast the impeachment proceedings will proceed, it is unlikely to be decided before January 30.

But if this action goes ahead, Trump will be greatly humiliated. They can be removed when the President is unable to exercise power under Amendment 6 of the US Constitution. Trump has a difficult time right now because members of his own party are also against him.

Will he be able to stand in the presidential election?

Even if impeachment proceedings are not successful, the US Senate has the power to remove Trump from lifelong politics. The Senate may pass a bill banning Trump in a by-election. After that, Trump would not be able to stand in the 202 election.


Biden threatens MPs

Trump supporters in the US have gone through a real storm. Some MPs are being threatened by these supporters. MPs standing on Biden accepted the threat. The FBI has also predicted riots on or before the 30th. That is why security has been strengthened across the country. On the other hand, 150 different complaints have been filed against the rioters in Capitol Hill and an investigation has been launched.


Trump’s YouTube channel suspended for a week

Trump’s YouTube channel has been suspended for a week. Earlier, Trump’s Twitter-Facebook account was suspended. The decision has been taken because of Trump’s support of his riotous supporters. Currently Trump cannot upload any new videos on his official channel. In such a situation, contact with Trump’s supporters has been cut through social media. Trump opposed the decision, saying the United States did not have freedom of expression.


Trump’s ump 12 million contract canceled

The mayor of New York has canceled the construction contract for the Trump company operating in the city. The Trump Organization does two ice rings and other constructions in New York. The organization was expected to make a profit of ₹ 12 million. The cancellation of Trump’s contract caused much controversy.

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