Horrific explosion in Nashville, US on Christmas day: three injured

Nashville, Ta. 25
On Christmas day, a terrible explosion occurred in Nashville, US, injuring three civilians. The exact cause of the explosion was not immediately clear, but FBI officials are investigating whether the blast was deliberate.
A major explosion erupted on Christmas day in Nashville, the capital of the US state of Tennessee. The blast was heard from several kilometers away. Three people were injured and one or two vehicles burned in an explosion near the city’s commerce center.
A police spokesman said preliminary investigation did not indicate that the explosion was accidental. It may have been a blast before. Federal Bureau of Investigation officials also launched an investigation after the incident. It was also expected to be a terrorist attack. There was also a possibility that explosives were placed in the burnt vehicle.
The entire area was cordoned off to prevent all suspicious activity around the scene, but not a single suspect was apprehended. The commercial building was damaged in the explosion. Several nearby cars also caught fire. Panic spread across the state after an explosion in Tennessee’s capital city of Nashville.
The outbreak of fear also had an impact on Christmas celebrations. People were walking out of the house, as the mayor advised people not to go out.

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