Health worker dies two days after Pfizer vaccination

Enthusiasts of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology

-The victim’s father asks for answers from Pfizer

Lisbon dated 5 January 2021 Tuesday

Two days after the American company Pfizer was vaccinated against Corona, the Portuguese health worker was horrified when he died.

The deceased’s father sought an answer from the Pfizer Company. The deceased Sonia was associated with the Portugal Institute of Oncology (Cancer Hospital). No side effects were reported immediately after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. But he died two days later.

“My daughter had no health problems,” Sonia’s father, Alibio Svedo, told a Portuguese daily. He had no symptoms. I cannot say exactly what happened because I am not a man in the medical field. I just want answers on how my daughter died two days after receiving the corona vaccine. Why died

Sonia, the deceased, was a mother of two. The hospital to which Sonia was attached was confirmed to have been vaccinated against the virus. The hospital said no side effects were observed on December 30 after Sonia’s immunization or for a few hours thereafter. Sonia was healthy in all other respects. We cannot say how he died.

Sonia was working in a cancer hospital for the last ten years. She also posted a selfie on Facebook with a face mask after being vaccinated. On New Year’s Eve, she went to a party with her friend. He died right there.

Doctors did not specify the cause of death. “I just want to know how my daughter died,” her father told the Portuguese daily Atléjage.

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