Sean Hannity
From Fox News

Fox News host Sean Hannity and Congressman Ron DeSantis typically see each other during DeSantis’ frequent appearances on the top-rated cable news channel. Monday’s rallies are away from the TV studio and in three locations across Florida. Hannity will appear with DeSantis in Fort Myers, Tampa and Pensacola. They’ll be joined by Congressman Matt Gaetz, also a serial Fox News guest.

If President Donald Trump’s endorsement of DeSantis to be Florida’s next governor is the famous chocolate cake served a Mar-a-Lago, Hannity’s appearance with DeSantis is the vanilla sauce that goes on top. The popular with conservatives and disdained by liberals talk show host is America’s most watched person on cable news, many of those are Republican primary voters. He’s seen by more than 2.6 million viewers a night, providing red meat for conservatives, and is known to have the ear of President Trump.

With eight weeks to go before the Republican primary, DeSantis’ opponent Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is the front runner in the race. The last three public polls have Putnam leading by double-digits. But each of those polls was taken before the Trump endorsement was announced. During last Thursday’s Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) debate, both DeSantis and Putnam used the forum to contrast each other’s weakness. Putnam says DeSantis is more concerned with Washington, DC than issues unique to Florida. DeSantis calls Putnam a Tallahassee-insider and career politician who’s weak on immigration. Both DeSantis and Putnam went after each other during separate appearances on Fox News.

Expect more of the same at DeSantis’ three rallies with Hannity – just like Fox News just without the split screens and commercials.

David Bishop is a native Floridian, husband and father. During his 30 year career, David has been a journalist, political operative and communications consultant.