Guest Opinion: Voters must reject Democrats’ embrace of violence

Democrats are actively promoting violence and civil unrest as a political tactic, and they bear full responsibility for the consequences.

It is not enough for them to merely disavow political violence; the time for that is long past. The only honorable course of action left for Democrat leaders is to actively denounce those who are acting on their irresponsible provocations.
It wasn’t terribly long ago — just over a year — that prominent Democrats like Nancy Pelosi felt compelled to denounce violent “Antifa” groups for physically assaulting people over political differences. But those days are long gone.
Democrat lawmakers don’t merely condone such violence; they actively and explicitly encourage it.
Hillary Clinton perfectly captured the current spirit of leftist intolerance in an interview with CNN released Tuesday. “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” she declared. “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.”
This is nothing less than blackmail of the American people. Clinton is threatening to turn politics into a literal bloodsport unless voters meekly accept Democrats as their overlords.
When leftists know that lawmakers in Washington have their back, they employ chaos and destruction to achieve their political objectives. They proved it with their shameful response to the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.
The behavior exhibited by Senate Democrats and their supporters in the streets during the Kavanaugh confirmation process was a national disgrace.
Just moments after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, dozens of left-wing protesters stormed the steps of the Supreme Court building, pounding on the doors and trying to scratch and claw their way inside.
At one point, a 71-year-old man had his pro-Kavanaugh signs slapped from his hands as a crowd of Democrats stood by cheering and laughing at the spectacle.
Republican Senator Cory Gardner’s wife was sent a video depicting a beheading, and Senators Ted Cruz and Orrin Hatch were both intimidated and verbally threatened by an angry mobs.
With the backing of Hollywood elites like actress Amy Schumer, radical leftists took the Hart Senate Office Building by storm and were arrested in droves for their unruly behavior.
The violence and civil unrest can be seen all across the country.
Most recently, radical leftists blocked an intersection in Portland, directing traffic themselves and threatening violence if their orders were not obeyed — the shocking video speaks volumes.
This type of thuggish behavior used to be anathema to Democrats, but now they embrace it.
“I think that it just means that there are a lot of people who are very, very much motivated about what is going on,” Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono said of the protests.
Minnesota’s liberal Congressman, Keith Ellison, tweeted a photo of himself last year holding Antifa’s The Anti-Fascist Handbook, the bible for the violent domestic terrorist group.
Ellison also happens to be the Deputy Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and an accused domestic abuser.
The mainstream media, rather than holding Democrats accountable, have gleefully cheered them on. CNN host and Democrat partisan Chris Cuomo defended Antifa violence against law-abiding Americans in a shocking segment last month.
“All punches are not equal morally,” Cuomo declared. “Fighting hate is right and in a clash between hate and those who oppose, those who oppose it are on the side of right.”
This encouragement of civil unrest threatens the very foundations of our republic, but if the Democrats regain power in Washington this November, violent radicals will only be emboldened to act even more recklessly.
Maxine Waters, who infamously told a crowd of supporters to “resist” the Trump administration “by any means necessary” — an allusion to the moniker adopted by several Antifa groups — is set to become the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee if the Democrats take the House. 
Waters has since doubled-down on her calls to intimidate political opponents into silence, and now one of her own staff members has been accused of releasing the personal information of Republican members of Congress to the public.
This is just the beginning of the embrace of violent protests by Democrats if they gain control of Congress in the midterm elections. Clinton’s statement implies that Democrats will be satisfied with controlling Congress, but as long as President Trump is in the White House, you can be certain that they will continue to find justifications for further thuggery.
A whole new culture that enables violence and the intimidation of political opponents will exist if voters don’t get out and vote to reject this true form of fascism that hypocritical Democrats are promoting.
Daniel Bongino of Palm city, FL is the host of The Dan Bongino Show Podcast, a NRATV Host, and former agent of the United States Secret Service.