Guest Opinion: Ballot backfire for Florida Democrats a warning for Republicans

Dr. Gina LoudonNow that the State of Florida has finally brought its statewide election contests to a close, there are many lessons for Republicans to learn from the debacle that took place at the hands of Democrats in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

As someone who was on the ground witnessing the Democrats’ sham ballot challenges, I can say that Republicans better wake up if they want to win in 2020 — because once again, Democrats proved their willingness to break the rules to win elections.

I watched as one supervisor of elections threatened those monitoring the recount, and while countless other biased Democrat election officials blatantly ignored the rules governing ballot access. Also, the chain of custody wasn’t regulated at all, often remaining in the hands of Democrat operatives who wouldn’t let anyone else see the ballots.

Their underhanded tactics didn’t tip the election to the Democrats, but they did reveal how liberals manipulate ballot counts and are willing to play dirty to achieve their objectives.

The lawsuits filed on behalf of Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum were bought and paid for by Chuck Schumer and his array of DC cronies and national super PACs.

Schumer’s chief objective ultimately had little to do with the outcome of the 2018 election for the U.S. Senate and governorship in Florida. This was all really about the 2020 presidential race, as he was hoping to force changes to Florida law that might have given Democrats a better shot at bringing down President Trump in two years.

They got their recount, but it actually helped Rick Scott, so the Democrats sued again, asking a judge to order that every mail-in ballot that had been rejected for not having a matching signature be counted. The judge threw that out, but gave an extension to a tiny number of people who hadn’t been told a ballot submitted in their name was rejected for a signature mismatch.

And yet the Democrats still didn’t have enough votes, even though it turned out that Democrat operatives had been attempting blatant voter fraud. A bombshell report shows they were distributing forged Florida election forms to rejected absentee voters and people who cast provisional ballots, saying they could fix problems with their ballots after the November 5 deadline — the real forms make it clear that voters can only do this before the deadline.

The Democrats planned to roll out these fake forms statewide, telling their supporters to submit them to election workers as if they were real, valid Florida forms. This has been referred to federal investigators as a possible crime.

Still clinging to forlorn hopes of victory, and totally unashamed of their blatant election fraud, the Democrats sued again to get a hand recount, and they got it.

This ordeal has been a perfect illustration of how the Democrat political machine operates. It’s clear that they’re willing to keep playing hardball long after the votes have been counted and they have clearly lost races.

Republicans need to remain vigilant, because the Democrats will only hone their vote-stealing strategies over the next two years in hopes that in a very close election, they can tilt the scales in the direction of Democrat candidates, including their next presidential nominee. They will not stop trying every dirty trick they can think of, including, it now appears, blatantly circumventing election laws.

Fortunately, Republicans countered these election-stealing tactics each step of the way, but we can’t let our guard down as head into a presidential election in 2020. The stakes for America are too great.

Dr. Gina Loudon, Ph.D. is a bestselling author, columnist, and frequent news commentator. She was a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention and currently serves on the Donald J. Trump for President Media Advisory Board.