Guest Editorial: Democrats openly support infanticide and the media pretend conservatives are the problem

Paula WhiteDemocrats just openly admitted that they support “aborting” children who are literally in the process of being born — or even after they are born — and now they’re denying it ever happened.

Democrats and liberal journalists have grown fond of using the term “gaslighting” over the last few years, and that’s a perfect description of what they’re trying to do now. Derived from a movie in which a husband manipulates his wife into believing she is delusional, “gaslighting” in this context refers to liberals’ efforts to manipulate the American people to believe Democrats didn’t really say they support killing babies while they’re being born.

In a sane media environment, there would be wall-to-wall coverage of the “Great Northam-Tran Infanticide Scandal.”

Ramping up for an election year, Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran thought she could energize her base by imitating her ultra-liberal counterparts in New York State. The left won a great “victory” in the Empire State when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill lifting virtually all restrictions on abortion in the third trimester, right up to full term.

Tran figured she could catch a little bit of their fire by introducing a copycat bill in Virginia, but Virginia hasn’t mutated into a full-on liberal enclave yet, and there was one conservative willing to take Tran to task on what her bill would actually entail.

During a committee hearing on the bill, Virginia House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert pressed Tran until she admitted the cold, hard truth: her bill would allow an abortionist to kill a viable, healthy baby even after the mother has gone into labor.

Tran’s admission is particularly shocking because she introduced her at-birth abortion bill on the very same day that she introduced another one to protect the lives of “fall cankerworm” caterpillars.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam who, fully aware of the controversy Tran’s barbaric bill was attracting, went on the radio and doubled-down on her extremist position. Northam not only defended the third trimester abortions in Tran’s bill, he went even further, saying it should be up to mothers and their doctors to decide whether to murder a baby that has already been born.

Democrats quickly recognized the disaster they had on their hands. Some Virginia Democrats immediately admitted their error and ran for the hills, claiming they simply hadn’t read the bill closely enough before deciding to support it. Tran herself briefly deleted her social media accounts. But the Party bosses’ decided that a better strategy was to gaslight the American people.

Northam says it is “shameful and disgusting” to suggest that he doesn’t care about children just because of his shameful and disgusting desire to kill them. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, meanwhile, is concocting conspiracy theories, claiming “Trump and his Republicans in Richmond are trying to spread shameful lies” about “tremendous delegate” Kathy Tran and “pediatrician” Northam.

The Democrats are, as usual, getting an assist with their gaslighting campaign from the establishment media. After barely covering the fact that Democrats were explicitly advocating infanticide, CNN, The Washington Post, and other liberal media outlets shifted their focus to the conservative “backlash.”

The real story, in their view, is not that Democrats are trying to make it legal to kill children while they’re being born. It’s that conservatives are so upset by this repugnant notion that they’re “attacking” people over it.

Delegate Tran herself endorsed this view upon her return to Twitter, putting out a video that blames the Republicans who got her to admit she supports abortion during labor. She claims she was “really surprised by the line of questioning.”

The disturbing episode casts the Democrat Party’s pro-abortion platform into a new light. What happened to “safe, legal, and rare?” Was that just an effort to convince pro-lifers they were delusional for thinking Democrats are actually angling for abortion-on-demand, even to the point of infanticide?

Democrats have good reason to gaslight the public on this. Only 14 percent of Americans agree with them that abortion should be freely available up to the point of labor.

Don’t fall for it. They told us in their own words what their real agenda is, and it’s every bit as abhorrent as it sounds.

Paula White is the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center.