Grocery bill goes up because daughter’s boyfriend stays with us during lockout: Obama

Washington, Ta. 19. Saturday, December 2020

Former US President Barack Obama made an interesting revelation that during the lockdown, my daughter’s boyfriend was left in our house and because of this my home grocery bill increased by 30 percent.

“My daughter Malia’s boyfriend was with us in the early stages due to the lockdown,” Obama said in an online show.

Let me tell you that Malia is the eldest daughter of Obama and she is 22 years old. His boyfriend’s name is Rory Farkherson. Obama said that there was a lot of talk about his visa. So I did not like him but he is a very nice person.

Obama said, “During the quarantine period, I had a good time with my two daughters, Malia, Sasha and Rory.” I taught them to play card games. However, Rory’s diet was different from both of my daughters. This increased my grocery bill by 30%.

Rory and Malia met in 2017 while studying at Harvard University. They have been in a relationship ever since.

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